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Investing in Your Child’s Education: Reading Tutors 101

Investing in Your Child's Education

Investing in your child’s education as a parent of a struggling reader, you want to ensure that your child is proficient in reading, but you might not know where to turn for help, especially if a student’s 504 plan or IEP doesn’t seem to be working.  This is where a reading tutor comes in to enhance what the schools are already doing. A reading tutor assesses reading levels, develops a  personalized plan, provides additional one-on-one instructions, monitors progress, and gives feedback.

A reading tutor is a trained educator who works with students to improve their reading skills. A reading tutor can work with students from kindergarten all the way through high school. The goal of a reading tutor is to help students become proficient and confident readers. Therefore, due to the wide variance of ages and abilities, the duties of a reading tutor may vary. 

Student Evaluation 

Generally, a reading tutor will assess the student’s reading level. The reading tutor will evaluate the student’s reading level by administering a reading assessment. This assessment will help the tutor understand students’ strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan to improve their reading skills.

Develop a Personalized Plan

The reading tutor will create a personalized plan based on the assessment results to help students improve their reading skills. This plan may include reading practice, vocabulary building, and comprehension strategies.

Provide One-on-One Instruction

The reading tutor will work with the student one-on-one to provide individualized instruction and support. This personalized attention can help the student make significant progress in less time.

Monitor Progress

The reading tutor will monitor the student’s progress and adjust the plan as needed to ensure that the student is progressing toward their goals.

Give Feedback 

The reading tutor will provide regular feedback to the student and their parents to keep them informed of the student’s progress and identify areas where additional support may be needed.

Benefits of Working With a Reading Tutor

Working with a reading tutor can provide numerous benefits for students. As a general rule benefits of a reading tutor include Improved reading skills, increased confidence, individualized attention, accountability, and improved academic performance. 

Improved reading skills 

The primary benefit of working with a reading tutor is improved reading skills. The personalized instruction and support provided by the tutor can help students make significant progress in their reading abilities.

Increased Confidence

Struggling with reading can be discouraging for students. Working with a reading tutor can help boost their confidence and self-esteem as they progress in their reading skills.

Individualized Attention

Reading tutors provide one-on-one instruction, and find engaging books for students, allowing them to focus on the student’s specific needs. This individualized attention can help students overcome reading challenges and make significant progress.


Reading tutors help students stay accountable for their reading practice and progress. This accountability can help students stay motivated and on track toward their reading goals.

Improved Academic Performance

Reading is a fundamental skill that impacts academic performance in all subjects. By improving their reading skills, students can enhance their overall academic performance.

What to Look for When Choosing a Reading Tutor

Choosing a reading tutor can be a daunting task, but there are some common factors to consider that can help you make an informed decision. As a general rule, when choosing a reading tutor, look for the following; qualifications, personalization, assessments, and flexibility. 


Look for a reading tutor with experience and training in teaching reading. A tutor with a background in education or literacy instruction can provide valuable expertise and guidance.


Look for a tutor who offers personalized instruction and support. Every student is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach may not be practical.


Look for a tutor who administers a reading assessment to evaluate the student’s reading level and develop a personalized plan.


 Look for a tutor who is flexible in their scheduling and can accommodate your child’s needs and preferences.

Additional Benefits of a Reading Tutor

A reading tutor can also help your child build confidence and motivation in their reading skills. Struggling readers often feel discouraged and frustrated, leading to a negative attitude toward reading. A good reading tutor can help your child overcome these feelings and start feeling more optimistic about their reading ability.

A reading tutor can help your child build the confidence they need to continue working towards their reading goals by providing positive reinforcement, setting achievable goals, and celebrating small successes. This newfound confidence and motivation can also extend beyond just reading and can positively impact other areas of your child’s academic and personal life.

Develop Good Reading Habits

Another essential role of a reading tutor is to help your child develop good reading habits. Reading is a skill that requires practice and consistency, and a tutor can help your child establish a regular reading routine.

A reading tutor can also teach your child essential reading strategies such as skimming and scanning, making predictions, summarizing, and making connections between their reading and their own experiences. By developing these strategies, your child will become a more efficient and effective reader.

Provide Feedback and Individualized Support

Lastly, a reading tutor can provide valuable feedback and individualized support to you and your child. Regularly communicating with you about your child’s progress and areas for improvement, a tutor can help you stay informed and involved in your child’s learning. This individualized support can help your child overcome specific challenges and make steady progress toward their reading goals.

A reading tutor can be crucial in helping your child improve their reading skills, build confidence and motivation, develop good reading habits, and provide valuable feedback and support. By working with a reading tutor, your child can receive individualized attention and support to help them overcome specific challenges and progress toward their reading goals.

If you are considering a reading tutor for your child, look for a qualified, experienced tutor who can provide personalized support and attention. With the help of a reading tutor, your child can become a more confident, skilled, and enthusiastic reader.