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Your Trusted Nonprofit Reading Tutor

Fusion tutoring for super active kids. Reading comprehension and reading ability while incorporating physical activity.

Tutorfit456 Reading Tutors

Welcome to TutorFit456™, your trusted nonprofit reading tutor! We specialize in tutoring that combines physical activity and mindfulness with reading instruction to enhance comprehension and reading ability. Our personalized sessions for 4th-6th grade students improve skills, fluency, vocabulary, and NWEA reading scores. Experience our empathetic and student-centered approach that fosters confidence and motivation. Contact us now for a free consultation!

Reading Comprehension Tutor Dexter - Saline - Ann Arbor - Chelsea

Reading Comprehension

Our tutoring techniques enhance the attention necessary to achieve the ultimate goal of reading growth. Reading comprehension

Reading Comprehension Tutor Dexter - Saline - Ann Arbor - Chelsea

Reading Strategies

Discover the Secret Rocket Fuel for Reading Growth. Fundamental reading strategies and physical activity will stimulate motivation and build confidence

Reading Comprehension Tutor Dexter

Reading Skills

Physical Activity while acquiring fundamental reading skills will increase alertness. Our reading tutors will center the students’ improved focus to improve reading ability

Reading Tutor - 4th, 5th and 6th Grade Students

Come get academically fit with us!

We provide Academic Interval Training, a unique method of reading comprehension, reading ability, and reading strategies for superactive 4th, 5th, and 6th-grade students.  Incorporating physical activity while tutoring improves reading skills while building confidence that will translate to the classroom and real life. 

Reading Comprehension Tutor Dexter - Saline - Ann Arbor - Chelsea
Reading Comprehension Tutor Dexter - Saline - Ann Arbor - Chelsea

Why Choose Us?

Expert Advice - Empathy Focused

Student Centered Focusing on their student’s emotional well being is the foundation.

Diversity Focused Diverse content and instructional strategies will be prioritized. 

Sincere Service Our service to the community is not limited to the students we support  but also in what we give back. With 10% of our profits donated to local schools we believe that we can contribute to the education of our community. 

Collective responsibility  Every staff member at Tutorfit456 takes responsibility for ensuring the growth and success of our students.

Proactive approach  We will actively  ensure that  every student has a positive experience and quality reading support. 

"The future of my child is unknown but I have loved him, supported him and taught him right from wrong." -Brenda Lochinger

Improved self-confidence in reading - Improved reading fluency - Improved vocabulary - Improved NWEA reading scores

Our Team

Reading Comprehension Tutor Dexter

Jonathan Royce

Founder and CEO

Reading Comprehension Tutor Dexter

Andre Harris


Testimonials - Believe in Results

Focused - Fearless - Fit

“Mr. Royce was one of the few teachers I had throughout my high school education that changed the direction of my life for the better. I was on my way to not graduating, kicked out of Pioneer, and had no care in the world for school. When I got sent to summer school he was my first teacher I dealt with at this new school I was at. From there on to the next school year was extremely transformative for me. It was the first time as a teen I actually felt like I was at a place where the teachers actually cared.
Mr. Royce cared deeply about his students. It showed. He was always one of the favorite teachers because of this. He was the first teacher I ever had in high school that actually took the time to help me and the other kids.
I am convinced I would not have graduated or be where I am today in life if it wasn’t for Mr. Royce and Roberto Clemente. I was a 1.7 gpa student at pioneer. I went to summer school. Got all A’s. First Trimester of the school year I won my first award ever, In my life, and managed a 3.9 GPA. I ended up getting back into Pioneer within half a year (junior year), graduated, and got a great for me SAT score. Compared well with my friends who I considered the smart ones in my group.
I could go on and on. So I’m going to stop. But this man was the beginning on a life change at an early age.
Thanks Mr. Royce!”

Kevin Krull

“I had Mr. Royce in high school and I feel like if it weren’t for his help in English class I wouldn’t have graduated in time. I highly recommend Mr. Royce as he can have a big impact on your child’s life.”

Alexzandra Insalaco

“Mr. Royce can have a great impact on your child’s life. He can also provide the resources you would want to elevate your child’s future.”

Desmond Bright

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Reading Comprehension Tutor Dexter

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Reading Comprehension Tutor Dexter - Saline - Ann Arbor - Chelsea

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Reading Comprehension Tutor Dexter - Saline - Ann Arbor - Chelsea

Reading Evaluation and Assessment Tools that Target Your Child’s Issues

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